Natalie Duke's voice can either break your heart or smash it. Her head voice soars with a plaintive tone so sweet you'll want to cry; until her chest voice smacks you in the face and tells you to stop being such a baby.
A professional singer since childhood, Natalie has the chops to back up her ambitious melodies. At 8 years old, Natalie and the whole Duke family moved from Nashville to Chicago, and she began singing for commercials and cartoons, gaining insight into the professional recording world at a very young age. She quickly became the go-to call for any producer looking to hire a kid singer, and at age 11, her childlike voice was heard on Gatorade’s famous “Be Like Mike” campaign with Michael Jordan. Natalie also began using her voice as an actor, and by age 12, she had lent her acting and/or singing voice to countless commercial spots for McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Embassy Suites Hotels, AT&T, and many more.
In Natalie’s early teenage years, she and her family moved back to her birthplace, Music City USA. There, Natalie’s singing voice grew while she did, her voice maturing into an emotional landscape of hills and valleys. While still in high school, she helped out at her father’s publishing company on Nashville’s famous Music Row, where she met a multitude of impressive singing and songwriting talent. She began to learn techniques that one can only learn in Nashville. With these newfound skills, Natalie blossomed into a full blown creative songwriting force. In early adulthood, Natalie decided she had to venture out into the world with her music, and she started performing to small crowds at open mic nights all around Nashville. 
Eventually the successes of her past crept up in her brain, and she decided to return to Chicago in hopes of once again becoming a relevant part of the music and voice over industries. News quickly spread of her return, and both industries welcomed her back with open arms. Natalie began performing at music venues all around Chicago; making new friends and fans, meeting influential collaborative talent, and most importantly, gaining confidence in her live performance and songwriting skills. Since then she has been writing, recording, singing, performing, and playing whenever and wherever she can, gaining more and more fans of her catchy, earworm tunes along the way.
Natalie’s songs are sarcastic catharses layered with sincere harmonies. She has the emotional reach of Fiona Apple and the light hearted vengefulness of Lily Allen, though she exists in a musical realm of her own. Her live show is strong and genuinely emotive, reeling the audience into her world from the first few notes until well after the last ones. Natalie’s intellectual yet unpretentious view of reality, transposed into song, will invade the minds and hearts of all who choose to listen.