I Should Really Get Better at Blogging...

I haven't updated this since March?? BAD Natalie! Well I definitely have lots of things to say (what else is new?) so it's time for an update!

We just went on tour. Can you call it that if you only play in 2 cities? Who cares, that's what we're calling it.

Stop 1: St. Louis. First of all, mad props to Laura Lambert for letting us crash at her place and for making us a pot of her fabulous spaghetti and meatballs. So awesome.

With full bellies, we made our way down to CBGB for our show. We got to play a long set (about an hour and a half) and the audience was very receptive. We sold some CDs and we played pretty well, so we were feeling pretty good already, but let me mention a MUCH more important fact about the evening. CBGB paid our bar tab. There are 5 of us. And we are all DRUNKS. So I honestly think that, along with Lisa using her little Duke cuteness to fill the tip jar, that was the most we've ever made at a show. I will recommend CBGB to everyone I know and I will always stop by there if I'm in St. Louis. Even if they do have the weirdest ladies restroom in the country.

The whole reason why we got the booking in St. Louis was because of Matt and Ellen of Ellen the Felon. They set it all up for us and let us use their PA, so, hey guys, THANKS. That was really cool of you. You better be planning a trip to Chicago so we can return the favor. But more important than the booking help is how ridiculously talented these guys are. Ellen? Holy crap. If there was a gay switch I could flip somewhere in my body to take this incessant straightness out of me, you'd definitely be the first woman I would be all up on. You guys, her songs are the SHIT. She is clever, completely original, and just so freaking talented. Her CD is coming out soon. When it does, BUY IT. Check her out here: http://www.ellenthefelon.net/

Stop 2: Nashville. No, I do not gush about every band we play with, and if you know me well enough, you know this to be true (because sometimes I'm just flat out mean). But, but...every band we played with in Nashville was great. We played with Haunted Device, Meghan Saletta, and Rabbit in the Rye.

The only person in all the bands playing that I knew beforehand was Cory, one of the three C's of Haunted Device (Chris and Chad being the others). Fun fact! Cory was in my brother's first band back when they were in middle school. Isn't that adorable? Anyway! These guys have great chemistry and a cool sound and are just all around super nice guys. So hey. Check them out. http://haunteddevice.com/

Meghan Saletta is super cute, super sweet, and has a great voice and great songs. She's moving to Chicago soon and has already committed to playing my women's showcase, so...hey. Check her out. http://www.meghansalettamusic.com/

Rabbit in the Rye, three dudes on tour from New York, closed out the night and completely blew everyone away. All three of them are great players, for one. But also? They make pretty harmonies! I know this will be a shock to you all, but I am a sucker for tight harmonies. Their songs are great, their sound is unique, their show is tight. Oh yeah, and guess what else? The drummer, Brendan, also plays mandolin and seems to trade off lead vocals with the guitarist, Joseph. But sometimes Brendan plays drums AND mandolin AND sings ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I can hardly even play tambourine and sing at the same time, so yeah, I was impressed. Hey! Check them out! http://www.rabbitintherye.com

Shortly after we returned home, it just so happened that those guys were bringing their tour through Chicago, so we got to see them play another quick set at the Elbo Room open mic night, which, incidentally, is the best open mic in town, you guys. This night was no exception, and there was even a sort of second stage put together outside with a bunch of the night's performers sitting in a circle and playing and singing songs together on the sidewalk. It was a magical evening of music, my friends! I also unexpectedly ended up hosting the open mic because the regular host was sick or something. Did you know that you drink free if you host?? Yeah. That and my headache on Thursday is a whole other story, but the point is that it was a GREAT night.

That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for reading my long overdue blog post. I promise to not leave you alone for another 5 months. I'm sure I will have more things to say well before that. Like, maybe tomorrow. We do have another Elbo Room show tonight, and Sol is bartending, so you never know what the night may bring. If I know Sol, it will definitely involve shots of whiskey.